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  • Formula Homes: standardised blueprints, but adaptable to your own needs and creative ideas.

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  • Eco / Passive Homes: designed to maximise comfort and sustainable, ecological living

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  • Student Lodgings / Accommodation: homely communal life, along with relaxing, quiet private space

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  • Modular Apartments: modern, affordable and spacious starter homes

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  • Business Premises: a bold statement, cost efficient, sustainable and ecologically sound

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Luxury Home
Extension to Factory Premises
Commercial Power Plant
Barn Extension & Renovation
4-Bedroom Home
2-Bedroom Bungalow
Outbuildings PV installation
New Offices inside Factory
Antarctic Expedition Station
3-Bedroom Home
Communal Sports Hall
3-Storey Dwelling on Slope
Petrol Station PV System
Holiday House Boat
Garage Solar PV Installation
Residential Development
Ground Mounted Solar Array
Detached Eco Home
Canopy extension for PV
East/West Roof Power Plant
Installation around Skylights
Old People's Care Home
Housing Development
Installation - Traditional Tiles
Commercial Storage Unit
2 Semi-Detached Bungalows
Commercial Power Plant
Bungalow Dwelling
Hotel Extension
Slate Hipped Roof Installation
Domestic In-Roof Solar Tiles
Domestic Photovoltaic System
10 Penthouse apartments
Individual Apartment Solar PV
Retirement Home
Wall Hung Solar Installation
Four Residential Dwellings
Detached Holiday Cottage
Holiday Retreat
Mansard Roof to Farm
Two Storey House
Domestic Solar PV system
Residential New Build
Detached Residential Home
Countryside Lodge
Domestic Gable Roof PV
Large Bungalow Development
Barn Roof Solar Photovoltaic
Large Residential House Boat
3-Bedroom Detached
Expansive 4-Bed Detached
Private 4-Bedroom Dwelling
Detached Executive Home
Luxury Open Plan Living
Countryside Bungalow
Domestic New Build
Solar PV on Hipped, Tiled Roof
Domestic Solar Rosemary Tiles
Domestic Solar PV Installation
Solar PV to Concrete Tiles
PV Array on Double Roman Tiles
Modern Passive House
Contemporary Eco Home
Thermally efficient Sports Hall
Countryside Retreat
Commercial Refurbishment
'ZEN' Concept Houses
The Expansion of Our Facilities
Renovated Holiday Cottage
Standalone PV on Hotel roof